Hello, I'm Iman. I'm an Agency Owner.

Iman is the proud owner of IAG Media and founder of Grow Your Agency, where he teaches others to scale their own agencies.

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With

About Me

More Than Just a High-School Dropout

I’m a London-based digital marketer and entrepreneur, and founder of three businesses. 

I was born in Russia and moved to the UK as a young child. At the age of 15, I started the first iteration of my digital marketing agency and provided services to my first client. Two years later, I dropped out of school and committed my life to reforming the education system. 

To this end, I have created the world’s largest education community for agency owners, and am committed to decentralizing the education system and providing accessible and effective education to everyone on the planet. 

My education company, GrowYourAgency.com, also donates a large percentage of its profits to building schools in developing countries.


Work With My Agency

IAG Media has evolved into one of the world’s foremost digital marketing agencies, capable of achieving astonishing results for its clients in a wide range of industries. 

I have scoured the world to find in-house performance marketers and copywriters that produce consistently brilliant work, who are trained to a high standard, and study both the latest marketing methods whilst referring to traditional advertising methods. 

We’ve spent collectively millions of dollars in advertising spend for our clients and returned much more in revenue to them. 


The World’s Largest Education Company for Agency Owners

I started GrowYourAgency in 2018 with an initial course to help digital marketing agency owners start and scale their businesses. 

This has since evolved to become the largest and most vibrant community in the world for agency owners, being responsible for the creation and scaling of multiple multi-six figure agencies. 

GrowYourAgency now offers multiple levels of support and resources to agency owners, as well as continuous support and an innovative online platform, a first for the online education industry.